pidato bahasa inggris tentang guru adalah pahlawan

Peace be upon you, and Allah's mercy and blessings :
Alhamdulillahi Rabbil alamin wasalatu wasalamu asrafil anbiya iwal Mursalin wa'ala alihi wasahbihi azmain.

The first - and most important of all, let us pray praise along with our gratitude to Allah SWT. which He has given grace and form of health hidayahnya faith and also an opportunity for us all so that we can gather that we love this place .. Salawat berangkaikan greeting we had given to the spirit of the lord of nature that is the great prophet Muhammad SAW. Well to shorten the time, we enter the title of the speech to us today is entitled Teachers are heroes let us speak a little about the services of a teacher for us, we can write, we are well read, intelligent arithmetic, that all traces of the persistence of a teacher in teaching we. Therefore, it seems appropriate when in a speech this time, the topic "Teacher sebaga Heroes" Ladies and Gentlemen! Recognized or not, not right there is a president without a teacher, not a doctor right without a teacher, not a teacher right there without a teacher. To become a regent, governor even our president to be smart, to be a doctor we must be smart, to be a teacher we must be smart, and to be smart, we should serkolah. Because there is no teacher who is ready to teach us, ready to take us to which we all aspire. Ladies and Gentlemen!
Teachers as unsung heroes as in the story of a teacher Omar Bakri who every day are always taught to students with iklas unsung, he taught diligently and are willing to sacrifice for the benefit of students and the generation of people, try if the teacher now as Mr. Omar Bakri could certain students - students in Indonesia will certainly be better than the present, but bisakan it happen? try the same - equally we recognize that the current government has budgeted substantial funds for a teacher, should be with the students - students we will be better than in the days of his father Omar Bakri who senan tiasa teach iklas unsung, masikah no teacher like His modern-day like today? ......... Only we alone can answer. Ladies and Gentlemen!

Teachers are the unsung heroes of this motto seemed soulful when delivered to the Indonesian national teachers' day is celebrated every November 25. National Teacher Day is celebrated together the anniversary PGRI (Indonesian Teachers Association). National Teacher Day is not an official holiday, and is celebrated in the form of a memorial service in schools and marking services for teachers, principals, and school supervisors

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Especially for friends of my students were very proud of, Thank you for your attitude and behavior during the draw Sciences beloved school is that although there is still a shortage but it is more than enough. Only, let in this precious moment, attitudes and perilakuitu can be improved towards more baik.Inilah of your teachers who have advantages and disadvantages of our tersendiri.Harapan to the students that we care - today and in the future -is so that you can judge that we are human beings who want a bright future in every private although not free from wrong. Therefore, let the students take lessons from each what is taught, directed, and advise whether in the Learning Process in class and in everyday life. Because it turns out in the end, you are all that will live this life and achieve all the dreams in the future. Ladies and gentlemen! Science is the light of life. With science, we learned how to worship Allah, with science, we learned how to relate to our fellow human beings. and teach all the sciences are our teachers. "Teachers have something much closer and could open the door closed" Ladies and Gentlemen! Who taught one letter only must we respect, let alone taught many letters. So it is clear that important and honorable position of a teacher in our lives. Science teacher is the heir of the Apostles. And Rasululloh is the best of teachers for mankind Ladies I respect!
There is a term teacher digugu and imitated, meaning that a teacher should be followed advisers pupils and should be replicated for all mankind. Master has spawned so many great heroes in this earth. So it's natural if we appreciate the services of our teachers, who have given us the science and knowledge, educate us towards goodness. 'Teachers are Heroes'

Thus the speech of my what if there is a mistake in the delivery, or words - words that are less pleasing I apologize, because perfection belongs only to Allah. Akhirul kalam Wassalamu'alaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatu.

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