lectures devoted to parents

Bismillahirrohmaanirrohiim ...
Assalaamu'alaikum warohmatullahi wabarakaatuh ...
Hamda Innal lillah, nahmaduhu wa nasta'iinuhu wanastaghfiruh. Wana'uudzu billahi min syuruuri anfusinaa, wa min sayyi-AATI a'maalina. Man yahdihillahu falaa mudhillalalah, wa man yudhlilhu falaa haadiyalah.
Ashhadu allaa laa ilaha illallohu wahdahuu syariikalah, Ashhadu wa anna Muhammadan 'abduhuu warosuuluhu.
'Ammaa ba'du ..
Gentlemen, All viewers
On this occasion I will deliver a lecture on birrul walidain or filial to both parents ...
Ladies and Gentlemen
In Islam One of the greatest worship after mentauhidkan God is devoted to parents. Devoted to whom ...? "parents..."
It was filial to parents that the law is mandatory, fard 'ain. No matter who our parents, work, daily life ... What we call the father or mother, mama or papa at home. They are the people our parents.
Ever imagined in our minds, when we're in the belly of the mother .... how hard he takes us wherever he went? But even if he never complained, no other creature that is our own * * in the stomach ....
Ever imagined in our minds, the father or the father setiaphari worked tirelessly ... to earn money desperately just to finance our lives ... so we can eat and with good schools?
Imagine the brothers, how heavy her burden and responsibility is on their shoulders ??
Allah says in the Quran letter Luqman verse 14, which reads:
A'uudzu billahi minasy syaithoonirrojiim bismillah hirrohmannirrohim
"Wawashshoinal insaana biwaalidaihi hamalathu ummuhuu, wahnan 'alaa wahnin wa fishooluhuu FII' aamaini, anisykurlii waliwaalidaika ilayyal mashiir."
It means: "And We covenanted with humans (filial) to the two mother-father; his mother had conceived him in a weakened state that betambah added, and weaning in two years. Bersyukurklah to Me and the two mothers father, only to me was the one where your return. "
My brothers all the blessed God ...
Remember that "FII ridholloohi ridhol walidaini, wa sakhotullohi FII sakhotil waalidaini". God's pleasure is in the pleasure of both parents, and the wrath of God was upon the wrath of parents. (hadith narrated by Tirmidhi)
Islam is a religion that upholds the teachings of devotion to both parents. Even Islam makes filial to both parents as a means of God reach heaven. It is very loss and harm a Muslim who finds his parents are alive but can not deliver it to heaven.
Many people today are no longer willing to pay attention to his parents, meneleantarkannya, even until there is harm. Na'udzu billahi min dzalik ...
Some of the things that we think is trivial, relating dengna iniquity of a child to a parent is sebgai follows:
First, make them cry and grieve, both with words and deeds.
Secondly, snap both by way of voice hardened and spoke harshly to both parents.
Third, speak with resentment toward her mother's command.
Fourth, frowning in front of them.
Fifth, look at them with contempt view.
Sixth, ruled both.
Seventh, denounced the prepared food the mother.
Eighth, do not help both in homework.
Ninth, stealing from both parents.
Tenth, entrusts peacock in a nursing asuan
Ladies and Gentlemen
Do not ever we disobeyed our parents. Fear God's wrath for humans who rebel against his parents.
The story of Malinkundang is folklore that we also need to take huikmahnya. Because without realizing there are many "malinkundang-malinkundang" other nowadays.
May we all present here mendaapat guidance of God and given the ease in carrying out our devotion to parents. Aamiinn ...
Thus a word can we say on this occasion may be useful for all of us
Subhaanaka Allahumma wabihamdika, Ashhadu allaa ilaha illaa anta, astaghfiruka wa atuubu ilaihi.
Wabillahi taufik guidance wassalaamu'alaikum wal ...
HEAD SDN warohmatullahi wabarokaatuhu TIMBULREJO

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