Themes speech Honesty Is Everything

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings.
Gentlemen, Mr. Head of the District UPTD Bangunrejo
I respect Mr. Mrs. jury
Gentlemen, Mr. / Mrs Guru sekecamatan Bangunrejp
As well as friends I'm proud
Let us together say a sense of our gratitude to Allah SWT for His blessings and grace we can all come together in a state of a fit and healthy at this fine day.
And do not forget we aturkan The Prophet and his greetings to friends and family who has been the best role model for Muslims.
I am grateful to my friends who have taken the time and effort to attend this meeting.
Friends happy, Talking about honesty. Is it honesty? Honesty is a decisive proof of the levels of faith in oneself. Honesty is also the value of our self-esteem. Someone will appreciate and respect us when we do an honesty, and otherwise one will humble even insulted us when we tarnished the value of honesty.
Friends were happy, those who claim themselves believers are the ones who definitely have honest behavior. If dishonest, mean his faith be doubted. Such a person is a person who was seized with a sense keimananya disease called hypocritical.
Friends are happy, as we know that the munfik it adalh two-faced person, who spoke ya outside but inside spoke not. Reminded of a story rather atu hadith narrated by Imam Malik in his book Al-Muwatta, which tells of a friend who was asking questions to The Prophet. "Is it possible that believers stingy?" Asked the friend, then the Prophet replied "maybe", then he asked "is it possible that believers coward?" And the Prophet replied "maybe". And more recently the friend asked, "is it possible that a believer is lying?" And the Prophet emphatically answered "no".
Teaman friends happy, what lessons can we learn from the hadith together ?. It is obvious that the hadith directly or indirectly has taught us not to lie in all areas. The point in all lines of our lives must be implanted seeds of honesty. Ranging from small things like when we again ate at the school cafeteria, we have to be honest, we take this and that and pay in accordance with predetermined prices do not lie. If we are not honest in a trivial thing as such can be ensured us when we hold a power that dazzle the eyes, we will use these powers with one likes us, and that's what happens to our country is the inexhaustible problem of corruption caused by lack of jujuran certain elements in controlling power.

Friends happy, honesty is the root of all of one's good deeds. No good deed and speech except honesty. Therefore, Allah commanded all believers to be truthful. In Surah Al Ahzab: 70 Allah says
 means "O you who believe! Fear Allah, and let's say you are honest and true sayings"
Friends happy honesty is the pillar of religion, morals joints, and POKO humanity manusia.tanpa honesty, religion will collapse, morality can never be perfect, and a manusiatidak would be the perfect man without honesty. This is where the importance of a value honesty in various fields of life.

A few of my speech, if there are words that offend my friends apologize.
Akhiru kalam fasta bikhul khairat ..................
Wasalamualaikum wr.wb.

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