SHORT STORY (Short Story)
"It's the Asr prayer?" ... "Not" she replied shortly.
The husband asked: "why not pray, why?" ... Retorted his wife replied: "I have just come back, very tired and I've overslept last minute" ... her husband chimed in: "Okay ... up and Pray Asr and Maghrib at the same time, soon be going in time for Isha" ...
On the next day the husband went for a job out of town ... as usual should call his wife when the husband has arrived safely at the workplace. The wife waited for a call from her husband berjam2 but the husband was also contacted ... SMS short notice with no no ... the istripun began to worry, this is not the habit of her husband ... she prejudice bermacam2 and very concerned with the safety of her husband .. . berkali2 he tried to contact HP husband ... connected but not removed.
After a few hours the husband finally raised his HP ... terbata2 wife asked: "my husband if you have arrived safely?" ... "Yes, thank God '' replied the short man ..." when arriving? "The wife asked again ... indifferent husband replied;" I got kira2 4 hours ago "... an angry tone wife said again:" 4 hours ago and did not contact me ?? "... Still sounding lazy husband replied:" I felt very tired and I fell asleep for a while "... the wife chimed in:" how many minutes does that have to call me ??? just a short period could ngak ??? What ngak heard the sound of your HP last time I contacted berkali2 ?? "..." Yes ... I hear "... the husband replied with a sad voice wife said;" why so anyway .. what already ngak love me anymore ?? "... The husband chimed in:" I love you so ... but yesterday's why you do not menyahuti calls and hasten Asr azan prayer, the prayer is not only a moment, how about when I asked Allah, to account for it ... if you no longer love me?
".... In the end HP sobbed the wife said:" you are really my husband ... I'm sorry ... I promise not to repeat them "... since then the wife never again end a prayer when it has arrived time ....
Really ... people who really love is the push forward to walk together in the course of GOD ... he will continue menyokongmu so that you do not turn away ... or retreat to the rear ...
"Our Lord, our mate anugerahkanlah to us and our descendants as penyenang liver (us), and make us orang2 cautious." AAMIIINNNNN

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